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film, 9'

Director: Stefan Constantinescu
Writers: Xandra Popescu, Stefan Constantinescu
Producer: Helene Lindholm, ATMO, Stockholm
Original Language(s): English, Swedesh, Romanian, Finish

Disillusioned with her day-to-day life, Carmen, a middle aged radio broadcaster and family woman from Bucharest sometimes procrastinates online. In the fantasy realm of Facebook she rekindles her relationship with Miodrag, a long lost love who broke her heart many years ago when he fled to Sweden. When Miodrag invites her on a Scandinavian cruise, Carmen takes the plunge. Against the decadent backdrop of the Viking Line cruise, the two lovers try to unravel the circumstances of their separation many years ago. Instead they become entangled in a web of lies and half-truths, in the unsettling context an impending war. The story follows the two lovers during their three-day round trip from Stockholm to Helsinki. Throughout the journey Carmen is faced with a choice between the past and present - bitter reality and sweet illusion.