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film, 62’ 2005

The film follows uprooted lives of three Chileans who were forced to leave Chile in the aftermath of the coup d’état led by Pinochet in 1973. All three ended up living under Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist dictatorship. , and In time, two of them decided to emigrate to Sweden. Through the protagonists’ shared experiences, the film highlights touches on the distinct social structures in of Chile, Romania and Sweden. The main character, Pedro Ramires, reminisces about his years as a student in Romania and still regrets his decision to leave for Sweden: trained as an actor in Bucharest, he is currently employed as a night train watchman in between Stockholm and its periphery. Constantinescu’s film incorporates images from Ramires’ first film, shot in Bucharest. The soundtrack features music composed by Inti Ilimani band, a symbol of the Chilean resistance, as well as Agnet Fältskog’s ‘Thanks for A Wonderful, Ordinary Day’. A film about refugees, estrangement, prejudices and loneliness, as well as about the ways in which the past reflects into the present.

Passagen (2005)
62 min. film (Sony PD 150)
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