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photo series & text, 2006

This series of photos is accompanied by the artist´s diary telling of his everyday family life in the suburb of Vällingby just outside Stockholm, a diary mostly documenting moments of waiting, dark, cold days of snowfall, taking the children to the kindergarten and the school, receiving packages with music, movies, and books from relatives and friends in Romania, constant worries about getting a proper job – the diary ends with the artist sleeping on the living-room couch warmed by the sun beating on his breast, feeling that there is only one thing missing, the buzz flies. A day or two before he had decided to apply for regaining his Romanian citizenship.
(Tom Sandquist)

IDEA arts+society, No.23
Open publication - Free publishing - More art

Northern Lights (2006)
photo (Nikon FN2), text
IDEA arts+society, No. 23