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film, 62’ & book, 2003

Romania1968 – 2000, examined from an obliquely auto-biographical perspective. The conversations initiated by the artist with some former neighbours from the Colentina district (Bucharest) are revolving around the topic of Dacia – the car brand of the communist Romania during the Ceausescu regime. The Dacia factory was built in 1968 (the year of the Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia) but the first automobile was only produced the following year; until 2005 almost 2 million cars were produced. The book is authored by Tom Sandqvist and Ana Maria Zahariade.

Edited by Andreea Cârnu
Texts by Tom Sandqvist, Ana Maria Zahariade
Design by Vera Davidescu
Published by Simetria (Bucharest)

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Dacia 1300 - My Generation (2003)
62 min. film
stills from film